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At Boondockdogs, we offer you the opportunity to share in our love of this rare and wonderful breed. Be it for a pet, breeding, show, or home protection. We are here to help you.

Come and see these wonderful animals. We welcome your calls/E-mails/visit to see if these dogs are right for you. 





must call ahead for visits thanks

I am working very hard on my dogs; I want to be the best I can be! I am trying to get all my health checks done, micro chipped and DNA. So when you get a puppy from me you will know it is from my lines and that I worked to get the very best. For family, show, and hunt.   


 My wonderful boy Ted who start this whole love affair

Home of The Teddy Roosevelt Terrier 

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(309) 783-4671 (landline) not a cell phone!


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